Kindly note, beginning June 1st 2024, a 10% surcharge will apply to all TRADE & Wholesale customers only. Click Here For More Info


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Surcharge On All Orders – Effective 1st June 2024

As most of our customers will be aware, we introduce pricing at the beginning of each year with the intention of holding these costs throughout the calendar year in order to provide as much stability and assurance to our customers as is possible.
However, 2024 has seen metal prices increase to a level that has become unsustainable at their current levels. The London Metal Exchange daily price for Tin has risen 50% since December 2023. Pewter is an alloy made from a minimum of 92% tin so has a huge impact on our costs. 

Unfortunately, this means that we will be introducing a 10% surcharge on all orders from the 1st June 2024. We have made every effort to keep this as low as possible and will monitor the situation closely with the hope that this can be removed once markets fall to a reasonable level.

This is only the third time in over 47 years of trading where we have had to introduce a surcharge such as this, and we apologise in advance for the inconvenience and disruption this may cause.
  • Invoices will now show "10% Metal Surcharge" as a separate figure on each affected invoice.
  • Surcharge will NOT be applied on services such as engraving 
  • Online orders will not show the surcharge. This will be added to your account and where necessary we will contact you for payment separately.
  • Orders placed by phone and email will have the surcharge added at the processing point