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Together at English Pewter Company our aim is to develop long-term sustainability strategies for our core areas of operation helping shape our commitment to sustainable production as a responsible and caring company.


We are proud to have been awarded a HIGG certificate.

The Higg Index measures environmental (energy/greenhouse gas emissions, water, wastewater/effluent, air emissions, waste, and chemicals management) and social impacts of the manufacturing of a product.

Solar Power

    January 2023 will see the installation of solar panels over the entire footprint of our site. Clean energy like this will provide over two thirds of our annual electricity supply, vastly reducing our carbon footprint and our reliance on fossil fuels.


    Energy Efficiency

      In 2022 we installed modern, energy efficient heating systems throughout the factory. During winter months, this is forecast to reduce our gas use on heating by over 50%.

      We have also installed LED energy efficient lighting in 75% of the factory and offices, with the target of making this 100% by February 2023.

      Since 2017 we have replaced 75% of our gas powered furnaces with energy efficient electric alternatives. The remaining 25% have been updated using the very latest infra-red heating technology which has helped cut gas usage for this process by a further 50%.


      Company Vehicles

        In 2022 our entire fleet of company vehicles were changed to clean electric alternatives. 2023 will see these powered by solar energy produced from the installation of our solar panels.


        Raw Material Recycling

        In-house metal recycling means we use 100% of the raw materials we use in the production of pewterware.

        Hazardous Waste Recycling

        100% of our hazardous waste (gear & hydraulic oil) is sent for recycling.

        Packaging & Cardboard Recycling

        100% of inbound cardboard packaging is recycled.

        All of our own packaging is 100% recyclable and by 2023/24 our target is to have 100% of all gift packaging produced from recycled material.