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Distribution Opportunities

As the popularity of our brand continues to increase worldwide, we are actively seeking Distributors around the world to meet this demand. Since our start in 1977 we have supplied products to all 4 corners of the globe.

A common question we are asked is, where can retailers and members of the public buy our products in their own country?

At present, these are serviced directly from our factory in the United Kingdom. With the extra cost and time delay involved with shipping, this can often result in the loss of sales.

For the first time since 1977 we are offering exclusive distribution deals for individual countries around the world. We are looking for potential business partners that share our passion for providing luxury handcrafted products along with an unrivalled commitment to customer service. Our Distributor deal is both generous and rewarding. If you would like to get involved with a growing international brand, then please see the presentation below.

Sheffield is renowned worldwide for its manufacturing history. At English Pewter Company we are very proud of this history and tradition. The skills passed down through generations of past pewter craftsmen are still evident in the beautiful products we produce today.

Each item is marked or stamped with our company logo which gives authentication to the product.

All of our pewter is Lead Free and meets with British & European Standard BS/EN/611 and also with the USA FDA regulations.

This offers fantastic opportunities to build a solid foundation for a potential distributor, with no over reliance on one particular sector. Although each country will have there own specific trends and market peaks, the sectors below give an indication of where our products are sold:

Gift Industry - Independent retailers / Department stores
Awards Industry - Engravers / Trophy Retailers

Custom Products - We can manufacture products to specific requirements:

Visitor attractions, Professional Sports Clubs, Universities and many more.

Memorial Industry - Yes, we have a seperate range of memorial products

Jewellers - Independents / Large chains

Corporate Gifts & Promotions - Luxury high end market

Interior Design Stores - Independent retailers / Large chains

Catering & Restaurant - Luxury high end market

If required, a catalogue can be created using images and layout from our master catalogue with the reduced range specifically for each Distributor.

Product Development - Over time, new ideas and product designs can be produced for specific countries. Tastes, trends and traditions are different around the world, and we very much welcome the development of products to cater for individual markets.


As part of the Distributor agreement, we will allow all online retail sales from a particular country to pass through our appointed Distributor.

Share blog posts, products, or promotions with your customers. Use this teThis significantly increases the margin for the Distributor and provides a significant amount of sales in what is the fastest growing sector of the market. Each distributor will have a website built by us, displaying their chosen range which will appear automatically should someone search for English Pewter Company in their selected country. How It Works - We will create a unique website for each Distributor that is appointed. For example if we appoint a Distributor in Canada we will create a website with the URL name This will be built displaying the chosen range and in the currency and language of that country. Contact details and other information will show the details of the distributor.xt to describe products, share details on availability and style, or as a space to display recent reviews or FAQs.

All payments will be set up to go directly to the distributor. Using the very latest technology, our software can automatically detect the location of an online visitor to our website. Once this is recognised the visitor is directed to the Distributors website.

The distributor will have unique access to their very own control panel, which displays orders received, shipping details and much more.

It will be the responsibility of the Distributor to fulfill the retail orders and handle all enquiries. We will require assistance with the initial setup if we are translating to a different language.

Online marketing and promotion is the responsibility of the chosen Distributor for their particular country.

All maintenance of the website is carried out by English Pewter Company in the UK. The website is automatically optimized to work on smartphones and tablets.


If you would like to learn more about our exclusive Distributor Offer or would like to be considered as an authorised Distributor, please email us on:

If you could provide as much information as possible, including current business operation, type of market, any trade shows you might already exhibit at, plus any other information you may think appropriate, this would all help when considering your application.

All information is handled in the scrictest of confidence, and we would hope to have correspondance back to you within 24 hours.